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Your Cancer Horoscope for December 12th

Your Cancer prediction for Monday, December 12th, 2022

The Cancer Horoscope portends a shower of opportunities before your eyes. To catch them, you should first read your prediction for this Monday. Don't lose track of it!


Cancer, the Horoscope indicates that changes are coming in your way of experiencing and feeling the love. You'll go from a much more sensible and rational way of loving to committing madness and doing what your body asks you to do.

You'll enjoy life like no one else, and you won't need more support than your own heart and the Stars.

If you are in a relationship, you'll have to face the problems between your partner and their family. You'll comfort them during the storm.

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Your Daily Horoscope tells you to  be careful not to lose your way with bets if you see that they're yielding good results. It also warns you that these gains will be one-off, but if you risk too much, you'll end up losing it all. Don't play with the goddess fortune, because she always holds the best cards.

If you're going through an economic slump, remember that asking your family for help is always an option.


The Horoscope advises you to  be attentive to the phone during the afternoon because you're going to receive a special call. That company that motivates you so much is going to take your resume into account and will be interested in interviewing you. Are you ready to demonstrate your good qualities as an employee, Cancer?


A rift with your pals over routine will leave you cold-hearted, Cancer. You never thought this could happen in your circle of friends.


The Daily Horoscope warns you that at the end of the day you'll feel weird as if you were angry. Although you think that the origin of these feelings is mental, it's quite the opposite.

You feel this way because of fatigue. This weekend you barely stopped and here come the consequences.