The Cancer sign surrounded by stars

Cancer Horoscope - Saturday, December 12, 2020: Climb to the very highest peaks

You know you should never lose your grip on reality


Cancer, your head's completely level and in place,  your thoughts are fresh and clear, and you know how to look on the bright side of life. This doesn't mean that you ignore all problems, but that you give them the exact importance they deserve.

You're keeping fantasy away from your life, and you know you should never lose your grip on reality. Even though it's the weekend, this Saturday is just another day, a regular time, when your partner has the same romantic needs they've had thus far.

If you're single, you've recently been involved in an argument in your relationship, and today it could get sorted out if you do your best. In some cases, differences might have arisen within the family core.

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It's time to climb long steps up the career ladder and reach new heights at last; it is usually said that the tastiest, juiciest fruits are those out of reach. Every effort you make will have a reward behind it.

As far as your home finances go, you need to balance out your budget and get serious with the way your salary's coming down. There's money dripping through because you can't shut your spending down properly.

And if you're looking for work, stop being just one more average person tiptoeing through life. It's time you trod down the street with strong steps so that you can get to work as soon as possible.


You feel like a bit of a hero  because you're leading a healthier lifestyle where you've cut down on fatty meals. Some of you will feel strong enough to give up smoking, or at least cut down on the number of cigarettes you smoke daily.

A good massage will help you get that level of relaxation you so desperately need, especially if you get it on the neck and back.

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