Cancer Horoscope Friday 2020

Cancer Horoscope - Friday, September 11, 2020: Distressing rumours are called off

You feel like it's high time you led your own business


Cancer, your manners will be sort of coarse today, and communication might not be as fluent and prosper as you expect it to. Be very wise and choose carefully what you're saying if you really need to have a serious chat with your partner or kids. It won't be too crazy an idea to rehearse in front of the mirror before you open up.

If you're single, that verbal blockage could be an obstacle preventing your budding romance from progressing. The person you're dating could feel uninterested or perceive that you're playing the field.

At least you won't get any bad news, and you'll even see rumours you thought were true called off, which were causing you plenty of distress.

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You'll see that a heavenly light will guide you towards success taking the best route that will allow you to make progress without stepping over partners or rivals, and even giving advice to the weakest links. Your goodwill will bloom, your self-confidence will be powerful, and you'll match it up with some boldness about it.

Some of you will grow slightly obsessed with being entrepreneurs; you feel like it's high time you led your own business. Self-employment could be the best choice for those of you unhappy with your current situation.

When you go out, you should say out loud that today's the best day to win. You'll convince yourself that's the case.

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Your digestive system could be slightly weaker than usual; watch your social life if it entails excessive eating or drinking of any kind.  Some of you could relapse and go back to stomach issues.

Try to follow a soft diet with plenty of fruit and vegetables, and carry a bottle of water with you at all times. It is imperative that you stay hydrated!