The Cancer sign with a purple background

Cancer Horoscope - Thursday, March 11, 2021: Put individuality aside for once

You and your partner love one another very much


Cancer, you feel like you and your partner love one another very much, but there's something missing still.  You fear that your shared love story will end sooner than later just to avoid issues and look elsewhere.

You need to put individuality aside for once and think about the both of you as a team, a married couple who needs to walk in the same direction.

If you're single, you'll be in trouble when trying to get in touch with your romantic interest. They won't answer back as soon as you'd want them to, or they won't tell you what you expected to hear today.

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Find out by looking into your heart which professional dreams you used to have two, five or ten years back. Are you on the right track to getting them done, or did time and experience lead you elsewhere?

It's never a bad idea to fight for your purest life aspirations, and in that sense, it is essential that you push away any toxic, ignorant or envious individuals who always encourage you to give up and take the easy path.

As far as finances go, you'll have a sticky situation or two, and you'll have to do some math with an issue you'd forgotten all about, or you'll reveal an old debt that you thought had been fully paid off.


You'll take every chance you get  to relax and do activities that make you feel good about yourself, the ones that balance out body and mind. Declare war to stress and go for it!

Visit places where silence and pure, fresh air take the room. Do some sport (or meditate) at a natural landscape, no matter if it's in the countryside or at the beach. Avoid polluted industrial areas, bring a gust of fresh air to your soul and see what you'll be changing in your life from now on.

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