Cancer Horoscope Saturday 2020

Cancer Horoscope - Saturday, July 11, 2020: You're more gullible than you think

If you're shopping through phone apps or online, make sure it's a safe site


Cancer, it could be said you're the most gullible sign in the zodiac wheel today, so avoid looking at people over the shoulder or pretending to be the sharpest tool in the shed, because you'll be tricked into looking like a fool in the blink of an eye.

In some cases, if you handle your arrogant ways wrong, there'll be a dark secret out in the open that you've tried to keep away from the public. Would you be ready to take your hardest hit on reality yet?

Making your partner jealous is a seriously dangerous game, which could turn out to be more harmful than you think. Don't fall into that spiral, because it won't be fruitful or worth your while. And stop seeing your best friends as romance rivals!

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You're your worst nemesis when it comes to do things well at work; you know which steps you're supposed to follow,  but always end up making rules out of the blue and taking too many shortcuts.

Cash could save you from whatever issues arise with your credit card. If you're shopping through phone apps or online, make sure it's a safe site. Don't leave your personal data at the mercy of criminals.

And don't think that just because you're living comfortably now, you're set for life. The fact that you aren't in misery today doesn't mean you'll be free from it next week.


You're in for a full day of nausea and disgusting discomfort. For some of our native ladies, this could be a surprise pregnancy.

Keep working hard to get rid of whatever harmful habits you've got in life. You can quit smoking, gambling or anything you want.

There'll be bad dreams and nightmares breaking apart your sleep hours; the truth is, Morpheus just didn't include your name in his list of favourites today.