The Cancer sign

Cancer Horoscope - Monday, January 11, 2021: Be consistent at performing your duties

Find people to know better and have fun dates with them


Cancer, stop building castles on clouds.  This Monday was made for you to jump into action! If you want to stop being single, start moving around, find people to know better and have fun dates with them.

You should admit that you waste far too much time moping and sighing around, and that's exactly how days, months and even years slip through your fingers without keeping the right person beside you.

Those of you who are in a stronger, long-lasting relationship will have great chances to shut down an argument in a very passionate way, but just because the stars boost your enjoyment, it doesn't mean you can just stand there waiting for your other half to make the first move.

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You never stop to think why you waste so much time when you're at workThere's colleagues of yours that make more of their time than you ever do! Perhaps one of the main issues you're facing is that you don't automatically get into the mood, and keep overthinking everything.

You need to be consistent when performing your duties, but also keeping innovation in mind at all times, and think about how you can take things one step further.

Besides, you'll be one of the top money-savers in the zodiac wheel, and you've set the goal of stashing away a portion of your savings with the firm stance of not touching it at all unless there's a real emergency unfolding.


Your stomach has been paying the price as of lately for your heavy means, so try to include all sorts of raw or steamed foods into your diet (in sensible servings, of course).

And if you've got to undergo surgery today, you're in luck! Your body will collaborate and favour a speedy recovery.

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