Cancer Horoscope for Thursday on a universe background

Cancer Horoscope - Thursday, February 11, 2021: Get a good load of patience and manners on

It's okay to adapt to circumstances every now and then


Cancer, you pretend your life's a dream  because society (or even your family) has always encouraged you to keep quiet about your issues. Doesn't every home have skeletons in the closet and dirty laundry to deal with?

If your relationship's going through a rut right now, talk it over with your best friend or your siblings. You need someone to listen close, and if they offer something nice as a treat, that'll be even better.

If you're single, you'll feel disappointed about someone who was just getting started to get your hopes up. They're giving you less than you're offering, and your heart isn't willing to love for the both of you.

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There'll be unexpected turns of events at work that will make you change some of your apparently unchangeable appointments. You'll come to see that it's okay to adapt to circumstances every now and then and that the world keeps spinning around.

Today's schedule will end up completely upside down, so you should get an equally shared load of good manners and patience on.

With your personal finances, you might feel kind of overwhelmed; perhaps there's no need to be so tight with your budget. You could even get a treat for yourself and get your hopes back. There's no need to feel too upset; a good business will come to help you out and will bring you unexpected but truly deserved earnings.


You're in luck today! You'll enjoy renewed energy and optimism in a way you haven't in a while. You'll feel you're truly made of steel.

Besides, you'll feel great when you look at yourself in the mirror, you'll enjoy your natural beauty, love your imperfections, and feel thankful for what makes you different from everyone else.

Some of you could indeed feel there's something wrong with your digestive tract or could go through a recurring ailment such as hemorrhoids, which is generally taken care of in silence, out of personal shame.

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