Cancer Horoscope Thursday 2020

Cancer Horoscope - Thursday, September 10, 2020: You'll pour repression out your baggage

You know that every day of your whole life is irreplaceable


You know that every day of the week, month, and your whole life, is irreplaceable, and you want to experience beauty before tomorrow comes. You'll pair up new adventures with caution because you don't want your heart to break either because you gave it to the wrong person.

Here's some advice: if there were any at all, keep dirty laundry at home. Avoid sharing your most serious gossip with workmates or other people that you don't fully trust; any day now, they could use that information against you.

As far as married couples go, Cancer, there's a sense of affinity inside your relationship. Today's a great day to apologise, admit to mistakes that have been hidden away up to now and find a lasting relationship if you're still single.

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You're better off trying to make your train of thought methodical; you don't want to waste a single breath or minute of your day in trial and error. That's why you should take some time at the start of the day to define your goals and set the one path you'll be following to get them done.

Don't let frustration stop you from becoming successful; shut down that inner sabotaging voice that tells you you won't make it, that you aren't as qualified as you think, and that the fall will be tougher.

Today's a good day for business in real estate, both in buying and selling. In some cases, today you'll manage to get a reward from your boss: days off, a minor raise...

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You'll pour repression out of your baggage and you'll do things the way you've imagined for a long while. You won't care about what people say.

Besides, you've got the good physique, so you'll be unstoppable in that sense. Still, you've chosen to work harder on your spirit and mind than on your body.