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Cancer Horoscope - Monday, May 10, 2021: You'll be praised by everyone for a job well done

You'll dream about becoming the lover of someone you already know

❤️ Love

Cancer, your partner will tell you off at the start of this brand-new week. They need you to pay more attention to them; they've been sending signs, but it's hard for you to read between the lines. Don't be selfish, because you're a team made of two for good and bad.

If you're single, you'll dream about becoming the lover of someone you already know, but who's in a complex relationship status. Your mind's filling up with doubt: on the one hand, you'd like to make a step forward and place your heart on the line; but on the other, you think you'll ruin a friendship just to have some fun.

As far as your plans for the day, family duty doesn't have a top spot. Your kids or parents might feel disappointed because you forgot something important.

💰 Money

You'll be able to dodge incoming issues so that the day doesn't spoil because of arguments with workmates or people that you connect to for any business-related reason. A mean answer might come up, but you'll choose to ignore it.

If you work anywhere related to education, you'll be the most prone to succeed. Some of you will get a nice pat on the back because you've done well at work.

👩‍⚕️ Health

There might be a past ailment coming back,  but under an overall scope, your health will stay on a moderately good track. Some of you should be more controlling with your blood pressure and circulation, which will weaken down a bit.

Use the extra energy from the stars at dusk to do some sport, or to get rid of boring and dull chores.

👍 Tip of the day

Find time to rearrange your most secret emotions

🍀 Lucky numbers

Your lucky numbers for Monday, May 10 are 6, 23 and 87.

🤝 Compatibilities 

Your compatibilities for today, Monday, May 10 are the following:

Gemini and Sagittarius in Love

Leo and Pisces  in Friendship

Virgo and Aquarius  at Work

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