Cancer Horoscope - Sunday, January 10, 2021: Don't play hard to get

With your partner, you'll keep a steady communication flow


Cancer, do you actually know what day it is? Weeks and months just fly by before your eyes, and you could skip on your anniversary date, or the birthday of your partner or any of your kids. Pay attention to your schedule, and think about what gift to get if there needs to be one.

With your partner, you'll keep a steady communication flow and you'll show the real you to one another. You'll naturally discuss complex issues, and some of you might consider separation without a single trace of drama or guilt about it.

If you're single, you shouldn't be playing hard to get. Say yes to a date with that person who's always pushing hard to see you; they've got great things to bring to your life, even though it might be said that they're not too close to your type.

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You can rest assured because there's good career perspectives this Sunday, and that comes from the combination between your discipline and good mood.

Thus, you'll be able to have a workday with some ease under your sleeve, and you'll even notice you've got additional talent at putting into motion great projects that had been stuck in place thus far.

Some of you will consider coming out of your comfort zone, and that's mighty interesting! Think big and set your aim and course abroad to expand your business. If you work in engineering, your concentration will multiply!


Don't squeeze your notches up too tight  when it comes to health, or you'll end up getting severely injured. Buy that item that would improve your well-being, such as a specific medication, or getting a voucher set for physical therapy sessions to get back on your feet.

Sometimes you're too greedy, and if you think about it for a moment, there's no point in being the richest body in the cemetery in the future.

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