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Cancer Horoscope - Thursday, December 10, 2020: Don't hide behind a shield of nostalgia

Celebrate the miracle of life more often


Cancer, shake that dust off of you that's making you meaner than you really want to be. It isn't that hard to be affectionate; show your flexible self and celebrate the miracle of life more often.

It's a complicated year for you just as much as it is for everyone else. Think about it for a second; what would happen to the world if all of us got mad at the same time? Bring out your purest form of love, and share it with your family and partner.

By opening your eyes wide, you'll come to appreciate the love you're offered out of pure generosity. Life isn't just about working and saving up. You need to live for today and look into the future with excitement.

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You feel you're above all laws and established rules, at least professionally speaking. You've got rebellion seeping everywhere, and as a consequence, you might have a heated argument with the person you should counterattack the least.

That's why the stars encourage you to bite your tongue and stay quiet. And if you're having conversations about certain unfair events (for example, having your shifts changed last-minute, or being assigned responsibilities that don't fall into your contract), do it very politely.

Start shopping for Christmas gifts, but be selective; there might be people that don't deserve to get anything this year because of how they've behaved with you.


You refuse to accept reality; whenever you don't like something, you dwell in the past, open the doors of nostalgia and refuse to leave your safe shelter behind.

If this behaviour is starting to show more often, you'll need to consider getting an appointment with a psychologist or psychiatrist; otherwise, you'll be destroying yourself, and you shouldn't forget you're far too precious for that to happen.

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