Cancer Horoscope Monday 2020

Cancer Horoscope - Monday, August 10, 2020: Business life, a lucky break

The stars will reward you with some luck when doing business


You'll be a jealousy-prone Cancer today.  However, you'll have to control that jealousy from up close, or your desire to possess your partner will become nearly pathological, and you'd end up becoming a tyrannical, unfair individual.

If you're single, you're better off going on dates some other day, because the stars don't foresee any success (but they do see the disappointment on your path).

Your family life will appear to be very happy and you'll stand under the sign of connection with your relatives. If you see conflict brewing, try not to take any sides and let things get sorted out by themselves naturally.

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Life has taught you that keeping your professional image under control is closely linked to mental agility and creative time management, as well as a sense of wisdom that you aren't taught about neither at school nor at college.

You can rejoice about work because the stars will reward you with some luck when doing business. You need to avoid trying to grow too big and fast as far as your company goes if you want projects to work in the long run.

And here's some vital advice: don't doze off from responsibilities. No matter how in control of things you think you are, there's always something that escapes your sight.

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You're starting your week under the complete domination of your emotions and feelings.  There'll be great experiences with friends, although your lack of objectivity with the ones you love could play a trick on you.

And when it comes to your health, all you need to do is pay attention to the risk of stress you might be running from excess emotions.

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