Cancer Horoscope Thursday 2020

Cancer Horoscope - Thursday, October 1, 2020: Stay open for new things to come

Venus will give you its protection over this first day of October


Venus will give you its protection over this first day of October, Cancer, and it will provide you with all its love and wisdom for marriage. Thus, whatever relationship issues that came will go away and you'll bury the hatchet, signing for peace.

However, for many of you, your romantic situation will remain a complex affair, and you'll have to stay alert. You'll have to try a little harder to taste happiness then.

If you're single, you'll keep good control on your love life, in what seems to be a powerful yet peculiar connection. Many of you will be surprised when you find yourselves enjoying a bit of an improvised but fun date.

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You'll get news from work;  in just a short while, things will be done differently, or perhaps you'll be sent into another department with new duties to fulfill. Be open to new things coming in, and keep in mind that the best is yet to come.

You should assume that your working life will be a constant evolution process, and it entails changes, even moving around sometimes. Open the door to new times, and prove how worthy you are.

If you're currently seeking work, you'll need a good friend to get your spirits up. But don't forget that your boat will only sink away if you decide to leave it behind.

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Raw foods (obviously we mean fruit and vegetables) will be highly beneficial to your body.  Bet on natural, fresh food,  and stay away from processed or tinned meals, at least just for one day.

Is your life pretty inactive? Then, try to do some minor exercise even if you're sitting at your computer or watching TV, that'll be better than doing nothing. And of course, forget about elevators and always aim for the stairs.

Rushing won't be a good idea at all; keep calm and meditate before you do things. You'll find time to be a good friend.

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