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Your Daily Cancer Horoscope for Friday, July 1, 2022

Cancer, find a way to be respectable and kill pessimism


Cancer, today you should think about yourself, and love yourself better. If you need to be selfish to be respectable, do so.

You've dealt with nasty moves and details, and you shouldn't have, just to be polite. But enough is enough.

You can't deal with any more jokes. Before you burst out, you might feel trapped between a rock and a hard place. You won't wait any longer to say what you think.


The Daily Horoscope has a warning: if you spend more than you should, you could get in serious trouble. Don't pay more than you can afford to boost your ego, because you could take the toll of trying to show off when you can't.

Instead, try to save up and be more humble. You don't need to show off what you can afford. To make your finances work, trust the path of humility, not vanity.


Your Horoscope advises you to think thoroughly because you've just received a job offer. You might consider it a leap in quality, but it'll compromise your personal environment too. Is the money you're getting worth it if it means you can't have enough family time?

Have a few days off, and think about a polite yet honest answer. Think about whether you're ready for that much devotion. Perhaps you don't really want that to happen.


The Daily Horoscope encourages you to fight to cleanse recurring negative thoughts because they've taken over your mind. Block them off before they become chronic, and make you sad every single day.

You need a healthy distraction to clear your mind. You can also express them through art, Cancer.


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