Cancer Horoscope Wednesday 2020

Cancer Horoscope - Wednesday, July 1, 2020: Throw problems away into second gear

Your best dates as a Cancer native will take place in culture spots


You're throwing into second gear some marital problems that have kept you sleepless over the last few days. You'd rather not live in a constant state of disgust. Still, ignoring your partner won't solve anything; quite the opposite, it's time to double or even triple your attention.

Your eyes could trick you this Wednesday, so forget about first impressions. Your sixth sense will also be a bit rusty. Don't blindly follow any person who sets themselves the goal of turning your love life around.

Your best dates as a Cancer native will take place in culture spots in any form: a theatre café, an exhibit gallery, a museum...

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To have harmony be the queen of your work environment, make sure you focus on work. You aren't there to make friends, but to make a living for yourself. Forget about your toxic thoughts on managers; otherwise, you'll just sour up the atmosphere.

In the same way, watch out for delicate topics such as religion or political alliances. Don't open up a debate if you aren't willing to listen to opinions that are different to yours.

Many of you will consider increasing your educational background to reach a better position at work. If that's your case, focus on language work.


You need your life to colour up a little,  because only then will grey and dull thoughts fade away for good. Make quicker decisions, don't poke your wounds and try to smile as soon as there's a reason to do so, no matter how small it is.

The most sensitive areas in your body this July 1st will be your limbs and joints. If you've got arthritis or anything of the sort, you'll feel like the day is endless.

Last but not least, watch out with heavy machinery and tools to avoid minor accidents.