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Cancer Horoscope - Friday, January 1, 2021: You can feel you're different to everyone else

You want a more intellectual conversation from the other person


Cancer, you're one of the most demanding signs as far as love is concerned in the whole zodiac wheel. Those of you who are single will have to deal with quite the fighting spirit, because it looks like none of your latest dates is giving your heart what it really wants.

It's not that you want to feel different to everyone else, it's just that you feel you are. You want a more intellectual conversation from the other person, you're not one to fall for beautiful, over-used romance, or the most traditional displays of love, such as flowers and chocolates.

As far as marriages go, you should call your own opinions out loud. That's when you'll come to appreciate how your romantic life has deeply evolved as of lately. Also, don't consider minor daily arguments too important!

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There'll be people at work ready to rile other people up. The classic grumpy colleague will be worse than ever, and you'll have to ignore their comments completely. It won't be easy, but don't give them the pleasure of making you angry.

You're afraid of spending money. Christmas has left a big gap in your bank account, and your fears are growing stronger. You don't want to live in poverty just yet!

It's important that you remember to live for the here and now. Enjoy every instance from life! The worldwide health crisis that ambushed us has taught you more than once that you shouldn't put off for tomorrow (or the overall future) what you can get done today.


At a first glance, you're in for a pretty calm day. All you'll have is minor discomfort in your neck or back area, but it'll be soothed away if you use some heat.

When it comes to taking care of yourself, be open to using natural products which are environmentally friendly.

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