The Cancer sign

Cancer Horoscope - Monday, February 1, 2021: Your professional connections are improving

The stars have great favours ready to do for you


Cancer, the stars have great favours ready to do for your married life, and there'll be quite a lucky strike for those of you in pursuit of change or evolution. Your efforts will bring their rewards.

Some couples will finally find their dream home, a shelter for the family in that area that you liked so much, which fills you with good vibrations. And in the same way, in those homes ready to welcome a baby to the world, a pregnancy test will reveal the much-awaited news.

This Monday, there's romantic reconcilement happening, so if there's any lovers out there who had an argument, you'll be able to forgive the other person's mistakes.

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You'll be encouraged to invest a large sum of your own money into a project where profits will be worth three times their value, according to initial promises. However, your sixth sense is telling you there's some information being kept secret from you, or that you're being outright lied to.

Unless you've got much more money than you could ever need, the stars advise that you don't place too large a bet. There's plenty of chances that this will be a whole mirage brought on by misinformation. There's a lot of rotten souls out there toying with the hopes of those in need.

As far as work colleagues go, your connections with them will improve, and the fights that you've had as of lately will be part of past history.


You'll subtly improve your lifestyle, because you're well aware that you've had an uncontrollable stage. Christmas celebrations have gone on until halfway through January in many cases.

Some of you will consider getting an appointment with a nutrition expert; you won't worry too much about the number on the scale, but about the size of your body instead. Start with something simple, like a light, protein-rich diet.

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