Cancer Horoscope Saturday 2020

Cancer Horoscope - Saturday, August 1, 2020: You'll take on new responsibilities

This Saturday you're in for pure, raw marital happiness


Cancer, this Saturday you're in for pure, raw marital happiness,  and you'll be particularly blessed if you're a couple who can't live together for certain circumstances (long-distance relationship, family issues...).

Jupiter, also known as the planet of luck, and Venus, the goddess of love, will strengthen and settle your level of sensuality. You'll become quite the erotic individual, both physically and intellectually.

All in all, there's a calm environment coming up for you, even if your heart has been recently shaken apart by sudden, unexpected storms. As a family, everything will be alright, and your goodwill is partially to thank for that; you're the glue joining all the pieces together, despite all of you being different from one another.

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When it comes to your business life, you'll experience unexpected success today, because your efforts will lead you into new favourable results.

If you're working, you'll be encouraged from management to take on new responsibilities; this could be pretty interesting although it doesn't entail financial improvement, at least not for the time being.

Those of you who are entrepreneurs looking to increase your staff base, listen to your intuition and avoid doing friends or acquaintances any favours if you don't fully trust their skills.


You'll feel healthy both physically and emotionally, and not even you would have believed in your well-being. If you can do some sport first thing in the morning, and even get up early if needed.

You'll roar loud like a lion against any backlash you get from life, both when it comes to issues that affect no one but you, and those that render your loved ones sleepless.

Finally, watch out for allergies! You'll be pretty sensitive to these, especially when it comes to certain medications that don't do you any good.

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