Cancer Horoscope for Thursday

Cancer Horoscope - Thursday, April 1, 2021: Don't build the house from the top down

Rushing is never a good idea to achieve certain goals


Cancer, you're slowly but steadily reaching new heights in your relationship. You know rushing is never a good idea to achieve certain goals, so keep your pace a little calmer at the start of the month, especially if you're thinking about moving or having a baby.

It is usually said that the house shouldn't be built from the top down, right? That means you need good foundations for the home you already have, unless you want a minor earthquake to tumble it down. Turn things around and don't be so stiff.

If you're single, you'll feel that your romantic interest is suffering about something they haven't opened up about yet. Be right there for them and support them as much as you can. You'll prove yourself to be honest and clean from any and all dark intentions.

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You'll feel a special kind of protection as far as business life goes; today might be the most profitable day of your working week, so make the very most of every waking minute and hour.

You'll see there's surprises coming, like appraisal for a job well done, and you'll come to understand you deserve not just that round of applause, but many more. You need to get used to being a winner and leave modesty behind.

Despite the good news, people around you won't make it easy, and at some point you'll have to bite your tongue down to avoid giving away an answer that's too rude.


In order to bear through the rest of the week, you need to rest and sleep better to get your energy back and loaded up. Don't go to bed late at night because you're playing on your phone or bingeing on TV shows.

Your physical shape will be just okay, so to round things up, make your whole diet for the day completely healthy.

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