Aries Weekly Horoscope

Aries Weekly Horoscope: February 13th - 19th, 2023

Aries, bring back your childhood spirits today

Aries, your Weekly Horoscope brings the news you expected. Find out what fate has in store for February 14th. The Pisces season is starting a spiritual stage.


Aries, this week you'll feel more sensitive than usual. The entrance of the Sun into Pisces on the 18th will make it easier to contact spirituality. Pay attention to the messages in your dreams, because that world will become the main star.

Watch out and don't daydream more than you should; avoid getting lost and experience the world to the fullest. This transition encourages you to focus on the wishes behind your soul, in love… Find out what you're truly looking for.

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There isn't much change in your financial predictions this week, Aries. Keep making progress towards your goals. Avoid easy provocation if you can, because your fuse is quite short.

Throughout this cycle, Pisces will become your best ally. The season of the fish will put out fires to keep your impatience under control. Make sure to boost face-to-face communication, because written words could be misread or misinterpreted.


Your Weekly Horoscope invites you to celebrate the success of those around you, Aries. Jealousy won't do well for you around the workplace. Your charisma is overflowing, so bear in mind that just because your colleagues do well doesn't mean you're going wrong.

Remember that the universe has a limitless abundance. Use your golden heart and bring back your childhood spirits, they will stop you from acting with ill will.


Do you know what day tomorrow is, Aries?... Valentine's Day! In terms of friendship, this date won't go unnoticed by a friend who wants to do more with you.

Get ready to be asked if you want to date them, but be careful and assess the consequences of a romantic bond with a friend.


Aries, don't let those nasty headaches slide. The Stars advise you to rest more if you can. This isn't just about sleeping like a baby, you must relax your body and mind too.

A hot foamy bath will help you get rid of tension.