Aries Monthly Horoscope

Aries Monthly Horoscope: February 2023

Aries, emotions will be running high this month

Aries, your Monthly Horoscope comes with plenty of news. Find out what the universe has in store as February begins. Your full prediction, coming up next.


Aries, February comes in with plenty of surprises for your romantic relationships. Pay attention to the 20th, when the entrance of Venus into your house promises a legendary end of the stage.

The world will unfold its most beautiful side for you to enjoy. Let your eyes feast in the presence of your partner, your angel on Earth.

If you're still looking for love, the line between reality and dreams will blur before you.

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In terms of fortune, pay attention to how you communicate, Aries. February will come along with intellectual challenges up its sleeve. The entrance of Mercury into Aquarius on the 11th will boost business deals.

It's up to you to make collaborations blossom because you need to keep your inner beast under control. Get ready to become a lion tamer, because your inner fire won't die out easily.


Your Monthly Horoscope foresees an auspicious stage for career affairs, Aries. The full moon over Leo on the 5th will be like an energy shot. Insecurities will skyrocket, making room for unleashed passion.

It's time to get new projects started. Get ready for this crusade the only way you know, by summoning your inner warrior. Your ruler Mars is always ready to rumble, so go forward and never look back.


Friendship will make you experience quite wholesome moments this month, Aries. Watch out on the 18th, because the entrance of the Sun into Pisces will make you mistake feelings. Emotions will be running high, but that doesn't mean you can trespass boundaries.

The euphoria of the moment could make you mess up.


Aries, an auspicious stage in health affairs is about to begin. The Stars encourage you to focus on emotional care. The Pisces season will increase your sensitivity levels.

Go through this stage with plenty of self-care in hand. The astrological new year is coming closer, and huge amounts of energy are in transition too.