Aries Horoscope Weekly 2020

Aries Weekly Horoscope for 9 - 15 November 2020: You'll take complements very seriously

You'll be able to appreciate every single small detail


Aries, you'll have plenty of people admiring you this week, no matter if you're taken or single. Your observational skills will do wonders, and you'll be able to appreciate every single small detail others can't fully see.

Due to the current star arrangement, you're taking a path through which you take whatever flattery and compliments you hear very seriously, but the stars are actually pointing to a hidden, short-lived interest behind those pretty words.

Thus, the person who seems to be losing their mind over you will find a new doll to play with tomorrow, and you could feel real disappointed. That's why you should keep a calm stance.

As far as family goes, there's minor arguments coming in between siblings or kids; your patience will be tested, but you'll be up for the challenge.


Your professional potential will prove fruitful. You'll have an easy time at doing business, especially if it's your first contact with the other party involved. You'll be the best at starting conversations that may leave a trail of money behind.

Your sixth sense is making you stay open to proposals, and keeping doors open if there's offers coming from areas where you aren't too much of an expert. Pay close attention to the world of arts and real estate investment.

As the week progresses by, you could eventually find issues at work. You'll be the target of a serious argument that will cloud, even just for a second, what you consider to be your future vision.

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There'll be moments this week when you feel overflowing with energy, so much so that it could become an issue if you don't channel your excess energy through sports or any other activities that make you feel good about yourself.

Otherwise, that extra vitality will become stress, and will make your relationship to people around you a hard affair.

You won't have any discomfort or unexpected turns of events with your body; everything will go as planned. But just out of caution, take good care of your throat, especially if you work in the fields of teaching, public speaking or any other similar field where you need to talk a lot.