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Aries Weekly Horoscope for 8 - 14 March 2021: Double your efforts when you're around your date

Your likes and preferences will change overnight


Aries, your likes and preferences will change overnight.  You're standing before a few complex days, when you'll surprise yourself with some of the things and people you'll feel attracted to. You'll set your eyes on people with an age range different to usual, or who belong to other races and cultures.

You'll get back some of your old hopes, but you'll have to double your efforts around your date so that seduction has a sweet ending. The other person has a tough and rough shell around their heart, and you'll have to bring in the big guns.

If you're already in a relationship, harmony will find its way into your home, and passion could run through at the slightest chance. Still, with little kids running rampant around the house, the situation could become a little harder to handle.

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There's quite a complex star environment around your workplace. Some of you will be watching nasty instances, like a colleague being fired for reckless actions (which you could have done yourself, actually). Others will fear downsizing, with crisis as the perfect excuse.

Take these warnings as a wake-up call; you should be more efficient and serious with your responsibilities, and exactly follow the schedule set out for the week.

Nervousness will be the main barrier for you if you're preparing public examinations or any other sort of test; that competition you've got going on with you and others can wreak havoc in your mind.


This week you seem to be heavenly protected,  and that should guarantee an increasingly good physical tone as days go by, as well as a seriously good endurance.

Use your energy wisely; it might be time to get rid of some house chores, the ones you'd been putting off for a while.

And if you go for a home makeover or do some DIY, be particularly careful so that there's no accidents in sight. Safety is always first!

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