Aries Horoscope Weekly 2020

Aries Weekly Horoscope for 7 - 13 September 2020: Your attraction will make everyone happy

Appreciating what you're being told is just as important as silence


This week you'll learn plenty about love and relationships, Aries,  and not just romantic ones. You'll see your closest acquaintances, your family and friends, in a different way. You'll come to realise that appreciating what you're being told is just as important as silence.

You'll be afraid about revealing certain pieces of information because you believe they could eventually mean betrayal. But in this life, if you don't risk it, you'll never make it forward. Whenever you're in distress, use communication as your main weapon and ask any question you deem necessary.

There'll be days when you feel like you've been cursed in some way, but if you stop to look at the situation under a certain perspective, you'll see that it's just a bad day anyone else could have.

And if you're single, stay alert from Thursday onwards, because you could bump into someone that brings a big smile to your face.


You've got an extremely creative week ahead of you, and you'll be able to find niche market openings that others can't see as opportunities to get rich. You've got a sixth sense which you'll still have to work on.

Watch out for excessively ambitious individuals, they'll show you shortcuts to get rich, but you'd be forced to step out of legal boundaries. Never forget your ethical values!

You'll also have to make important choices: do it right away and don't analyse consequences too closely. The longer it takes you, the more you might regret it in the future, thinking about what it could have been had you chosen otherwise.

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You'll enjoy a good sense of humour, Aries.  Sorrow is a past stage now locked up and forgotten. And what's more, you'll have a sense of attraction that will share your bliss with people close to you.

Here's some extra advice: stop justifying your chosen self-care methods by saying you're starting to get old. Every day's better than the last to correct foul habits.

Fluid retention could make you feel like you're a bit more bloated than you should these days. It'll do you good to replace soft or fizzy drinks with teas that help you get rid of excess fluid. Also, watch the salt intake from your meals.