Aries Horoscope Weekly 2020

Aries Weekly Horoscope for 5 - 11 October 2020: Write down your good ideas

Routine-breaking activities will be highly welcome


Aries, your love life will be stalled over the next few days, unless you do something about it. Are you willing to find adventures and fun, and to add a little spice into your life so that October comes in with a strong step forward?

It's okay to feel special, but thinking that the love of your life will serenade you every single night is a whole another story. Remember that this is no movie, you're in real life. If you want to experience beautiful, magical moments, react and do your share of the work.

As far as marriages go, the other person will join in any plan idea you've got. Routine-breaking activities will be highly welcome.


This week, you'll find perfect instances to be more entrepreneurial as far as work goes. Carry into action those ideas you've been thinking about for a while, no matter how big or bold your proposals are.

Any money-making initiative should be taken into consideration, no matter how small. Write your ideas down, and those that can't be put into practice today will do so in the nearest future.

In case you've got your own business behind you, remember that it isn't always about selling; it's just as important to work on the store's image, have people say nice things about you, and make them feel okay about spending their cash on you and your counter.

But be careful with whatever paperwork you've got going on because it'll be too easy to make mistakes. Check your schedule more than once before making any moves.

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You'll be protected from external threats;  all you need to do is watch out for yourself and avoid trying out reckless activities.

If you can, meet your friends and do a group activity together that makes you really happy, whether it is playing football or just a card game while you get the world back into place.

While you're at it, be careful with clothes, because you won't be too sharp when choosing clothing according to external temperatures, and there'll be days where you're freezing (or burning).