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Aries Weekly Horoscope for 5 - 11 April 2021: You'll push away those who try to manipulate you

Anything could happen if you give it the right magic twist


Aries, you'll be at a great spot this week  as far as your shared life goes, and you won't allow anyone, not even Cupid, to get you mad. You'll be fully open to surprises and to let life offer you new things. Anything could happen if you give it the right magic twist.

Listen to your intuition when things get rough, because it'll be always right. You know that in life, it all depends on the perspective you've got when you look around. You'll dodge all kinds of conflict with your partner and loved ones, and you'll push away anyone who tries to manipulate you.

Finally, if you're single, you'll feel like someone around you is looking at you under a special hue, but you're doubtful about their true intentions and you'll hide yourself behind your comfortable shields.

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Your fighting spirit at work is asleep,  so it's time to dump a proverbial bucket of ice water on yourself to make it grow and keep it useful.

It might be a good idea to keep on you at all times a pad where you can write down anything that comes to mind to improve your professional situation (it's also valid to write it down on your phone or keep audio notes of your ideas).

You'll stimulate your memory, train your brain harder, and you'll manage to let ideas settle under great perspectives and points of view. Aside from that, you'll stay away from people who suck up your energy and keep complaining about everything.


Earlier in your prediction, it was said that you'll be fully open to surprises. This is quite an important feat for your mental health! Stop trying to control everything, because all that it does is give you extra anxiety. Keeping your life under a certain plan and specific arrangements is good, but you should never cross the thin line between organisation and obsession.

Be more spontaneous, change plans around and break the mold. Turn your phone off whenever you're away from work, and find new fun adventures to try with your friends or family. Lose your fears and let your hair down, and taste the here and now for what it is.

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