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Aries Weekly Horoscope for 4 - 10 January 2021: You've become too naive

You're hopeful about the world being a gorgeous place


Aries, this week you'll become extremely innocent and won't question at all the good intentions of people around you. You're in love with life itself, and you'll trust the kindness that people might have, even in the case of those that you haven't known for long.

You assume that, up to a certain extent, you're prone to being tricked by people who apparently offer their love or friendship selflessly, but you don't care. In order to win, you should risk a bet first, and you're not one to hide the truth from anyone.

That doesn't mean your innocence is harmful; you won't let anyone toy you around. All this implies is that you're hopeful about the world being a gorgeous place filled with people worth the worry.

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Be careful when discussing business and reputation,  because you could accidentally offend or despise someone who might hold the key to the door of your personal success. You don't need to be constantly flattering people around, but you shouldn't be too stiff either.

The financial balance in your bank accounts shouldn't be an issue over these days; try to be more sensible and don't shop more than you can afford.

Many of you will go crazy with the classic January sales, and you could be spending too much through shopping on phone apps or through the Internet.


At a first glance, your energy will be on a good level this week; you won't be able to escape a stomachache here and there, but it won't be much.

Be very careful if you spend a long time on the road. When you're driving, all the attention you can put behind the wheel won't ever be enough (even if it's a route that you know like the back of your hand).

Try to be more flexible when picking your daily menu and don't always aim for quick meals. Watch the fat intake from your dishes, and at the same time, be careful about salt and sodium (especially if you've got blood pressure issues).

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