The Aries Weekly Horoscope

Aries Weekly Horoscope for 29 March - 4 April 2021: Make it easier for Cupid to shoot

You'll handle feelings quite easily


Aries, the stars have aligned to give you a push in the right direction in your pursuit of love on this week transitioning over from the third into the fourth month. If you're still single, you'll handle feelings quite easily, and you'll feel a sudden crush.

Keep your heart's doors wide open and have nice conversations with people around you. Staying at home all locked up with your shutters down shouldn't be your main aim. Why don't you try to make it easier for Cupid to shoot?

As far as married couples go, there's arguments coming, and complicated affairs will be discussed as well. Your partner loves you dearly, but sometimes they don't know how to prove it. That's when you'll have to advise them into getting rid of their insecurities.

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It's time for new projects and adventures! Pick up your phone and make the most of your contact book. Bring back communication with experts in your field who have got some influence power (even those that you haven't talked to in a long while).

You need to learn how to sell yourself better, as if you were a supermarket item. If you keep your capabilities and experience out of sight, you won't be doing the best you can for yourself.

In order to help out your finances, some of you will consider getting a second job, even if it's temporary. You could deliver paper ads, give tutoring to kids or even sell cakes if you were blessed with a special talent at baking.


It's time to retake your reading habit.  Sitting down to read a nice novel gets your grey matter pumped up, and it allows you to go on fascinating journeys without even leaving the house. And if you go for health-related tomes, choose your sources wisely.

Lately there's plenty of pseudo-scientific books that create more of a disinformed vibe, and bring less benefits. Don't let your criteria get all muddled up!

Also, remember to change your toothbrush a little more often; it can easily store away plenty of bacteria.

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