Aries Horoscope Weekly 2020

Aries Weekly Horoscope for 26 October - 1 November 2020: New feelings will awaken

Your heart is leaping like a kid on their birthday


Aries, this peculiar year is coming to an end,  and your heart is leaping like a kid on their birthday. It wants some action and is in some serious need for fun.

As far as married couples go, you'll learn to rearrange your schedule better to give your partner the spot they deserve. Oftentimes, daily duties place them in a backseat they absolutely don't deserve. Don't forget to live out the passion inside you.

Little by little you'll awaken new feelings and emotions, and if you're single, you'll try hard to get closer to that person that constantly makes you smile. You feel a special kind of connection that will help you get your hopes back.


You'll be a pretty witty individual this week as you cross the bridge between October and November. Your inner radar will help you spot any harmful people, and you'll put their foul moves under the spotlight.

You'll learn that, when it comes to doing business, revenge isn't always your best friend. You'll find that forgiving the person who once betrayed you tastes so much sweeter, and places you on the higher ground.

For those of you looking for a job or wishing to change your current one, the stars are bringing good chances, but don't get comfortable just yet. There's still plenty of fighting coming ahead.

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Concerning health, your forecast predicts a certain sense of stability. Those of you battling an illness won't have significant improvements, but you won't be taking any steps back either. Thus, you'll have to stay strong.

It'll be good for you to change up your diet, tasting new foods or occasionally including some that you normally decline because they're more expensive.

In the same way, try to do exercise more regularly, leaving your car in the garage and walking as often as you can everywhere. You'll stay in shape and also reduce pollution.