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Aries Weekly Horoscope for 25 - 31 January 2021: You'll manage to make your income grow

Planetary influences will help you get closer to the person you love


Aries, planetary influences will help you get closer  to the person you love. This week, you'll be quite honest and talkative, and you'll admit to certain mistakes you had been denying you ever made until now. Experience has made you see that you aren't always right.

The next few days will be ideal to visit your partner if you live in different cities, because there won't be any emotional or physical distance to hold you down. If you plan a surprise, that'll be even better.

For married couples that do live together, this final week of January will be pretty calm, but also fun; you'll know when to let go and forget about inhibitions. As a single Aries soul, you'll have an easy time at meeting up again with your latest fling.

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You'll have a more than decent financial balance,  unless you've made mistakes that still have consequences to this day.

Over the course of the week you'll manage to slightly improve your income, whether it is through an extra bonus, or because you've finally gotten that raise you've been fighting for all this time. The stars will help you move around your energy and drive to achieve your most important professional project (although there'll be some pitfalls along the way).

You'll get rid of certain items that aren't that necessary at home, which will leave you quite an earning or two if you sell them at a second-hand flea market.

In the same way, the stars foresee there's plenty of good luck coming for those of you awaiting legal news, such as the final settlement of a trial.


Digestive and respiratory tract ailments will take a drop.  Also, that back pain that sometimes haunts you won't be too present this week.

Be more thorough about cleaning routines and hygiene around the house. Without worrying yourself too much, avoid those little mistakes and instances of neglect you sometimes fall prey to. You'll have to work the hardest in the bathroom, because it's the most bacteria-prone room.

Your family environment, on the other hand, will be pretty smooth, and it'll be a good moment to have more meetings with relatives to whom you have a bit of a cold connection.

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