Aries Horoscope Weekly 2020

Aries Weekly Horoscope for 23 - 29 November 2020: You'll get your hopes up with something new

Some of you will choose to strengthen your romance


Aries, if you want to be happy and have healthy relationships,  you'll need to ignore toxic individuals around you. You're perfectly aware of who they are, that's what your sixth sense is great at.

Otherwise, you'll end up mixing up lies with reality, and your romance will pay a costly price for the consequences. The key to reach the truth is to ask often and a lot, mistrust everything you don't see or hear for yourself, and to show the maturity that comes natural to your sign.

However, some of you will choose to strengthen your romance, healing and closing wounds for good, or getting your hopes up with a budding romance that just came in.


There's light and dark moments  in your professional skies. You don't know why this year has gone so complicated; months fly by too quick, and you think that some of the goals you'd set have been dropped off along the way.

There's still over a month to bid farewell to 2020, so you've got time to do what you want. Don't let pessimism sweep you away, and focus on your most powerful values.

Sometimes you'll have to stop hard on your tracks to find direction; your mind will fly away too easily, so you'll have to be sharper and boost your focus.

Last but not least, it should be remarked that you'll be one of the best signs at saving up money, but don't get confused and avoid becoming a greedy, mean or miserable person later on.

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In order to protect yourself from the universe's daily attacks, you find shelter inside your own shell,  especially on those days when your sense of humour has grown particularly weak.

Never neglect your health. This advice comes because you might be more worried about some of your loved ones than about yourself. Some family circumstances are rendering you sleepless, and you're letting that distress seep into other areas of your life. You need to learn to separate things and set clear boundaries.

To reload your energy, walking under the sun will be quite healing, as well as any activity where water plays a key role, such as swimming or boat rides.