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Aries Weekly Horoscope for 22-28 March 2021: You'll aim for realistic excellence

You should focus on the here and now


Aries, you'll feel more melancholic than usual  over the course of the week. You'll look back into your romantic history and regret having been reckless or making poor choices. You'd love to have a time machine and turn back time, but you know there's no such thing.

That means you should focus on the here and now, and be fully hopeful and excited about it. Learn valuable lessons from every experience you've had, and don't let a lack of concentration make your marriage pay a high price.

At some point, you'll want your other half to focus on your pleasure and concerns, and you'll forget that love is all about a two-way rode. If you're single, the temptation to step out of line will be strong. If you want some advice, it won't go well if you choose to go back together with your ex.

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Your sharp skills at business will make you turn down some seemingly ambitious projects, but whose perspective on reaching glory is quite slim. You'll aim for excellence at all times, but from a realistic approach.

It's really hard to earn yourself a reputation and good name in any career, and it shouldn't come down to both values flying out the window because of a poor choice or wanting to take a quicker path to earn more money.

Wisdom and temperance will take the wheel over this last week of the month. You'll finish off the first term of 2021 with a hard hit on the table, and doing things well, going slow but steady.


You'll be quite focused on self-care and hygiene (and at some point, your concern will transform into mania or even obsession). Focus on the small things and don't follow certain rituals automatically.

There'll be a constant flow of energy, but there'll be days when you'll feel more compelled to doing intense activity, and others when you'll defend your right of staying home all cooped up and lying down on the couch.

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