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Aries Weekly Horoscope for 21-27 December 2020: You'll appreciate details you usually overlook

Listen to your heart and your sixth sense well enough


Aries, your sensibility will be running high  during the week closer to the final farewell of December, and that could be good for your relationship if you listen to your heart and your sixth sense well enough.

You'll learn to pay attention to the needs of people around you, understand their current motivations better (which are different to their past ones) and they'll prove that they're indeed deserving of your love. Pay particular attention to little ones!

There'll be days when you appreciate details you usually overlook, and you'll create a great environment to remove all stones from the path of the family.

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You need to keep a closer eye on your pride,  because it's holding you back from admitting to the fact that you've made severe mistakes. Your tremendous ego could make you clash against the colleague you need to fight the least (and let's not even start with what would happen if there were the wrong kind of sparks flying with one of your managers).

You need to be a bit more rigorous and objective about your overall performance; you consider mindless issues far too important, but then you're much less concerned in areas where you should be more consistently worried about perfecting.

That pride the stars mention could stop you from seeing that one of your projects is failing; you feel like you're constantly reaching and glimpsing success, but the boat's starting to sink, and you won't find where the problem is unless you humble down to Earth. Tie down that thirst for a triumphant projection.


You've become a bit too much of a cheapskate when it comes to your healthcare. You don't go to the dentist or the optometrist to avoid having to pay for the appointment bill.

Neither dental hygiene nor your eyesight deserve that lack of regard. You're better off preventing certain illnesses than having to cure them when they've gone rogue. Be particularly cautious if you've got a chronic illness going on, such as diabetes.

If you do feel like snacking in between meals, eat some apples or celery sticks; they'll soothe down those hunger pangs and will have some beneficial teeth-cleansing effects.

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