Aries Horoscope Weekly 2020

Aries Weekly Horoscope for 2 - 8 November 2020: Always keep your head held high

Positive thinking will prove to be essential


Aries, you need to be more optimistic as far as love is concerned. Not everything might happen the way you want it to over this first week in November, but that's essentially the beauty of life. It has an unpredictable side, and everything is in constant evolution and change.

And that includes the way you love, as hard as you find it to believe. You don't see relationships at 20 years old the same way you see them at 40. It's not that there's a better or worse way, it's just different.

You're about to find some information that will make you think your romantic future is up in the air. Positive thinking will then prove to be essential, because you'll have to fight to fix what isn't the way you want it to, and to keep your head held high at all times.


Your sixth sense will help you  push off people trying to block your career path. You'll surround yourself with good people who will provide you with a much needed sense of balance, and will teach you to flow naturally.

However, rushing won't be a good ally for these next few days. Making rushed choices could lead you into error (or occasionally into ruin, even). The stars make a particular remark on stock investments, or purchasing banking products whose ins and outs are still unknown.

At least your family finances are protected; you'll know how to easily get things done in that area, and you'll be great at making budgets.

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There's a serious sense of socialising coming inside you; you'll manage to connect with people around you. You'll set the basis for new friends, and you'll become a great shoulder to cry on if someone ever needed one.

Here's a little tip: don't take other people's issues as your own; otherwise, your mood will do nothing but stumble and fall deep. Always keep some reasonable distance.

Finally, turn teas and soothing drinks into your best friends. Having some chamomile after lunch will make your digestion a smoothier affair, and a cup of valerian tea before bed will make it easier for sleep to come round.