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Aries Weekly Horoscope for 19 - 25 April 2021: Don't become a slave to your words

Your desire and sensuality will stand out above the crowd


Aries, the star arrangement for this week is kind of unusual, so you might see some misleading moves happening in your usual comfort zone.

Your desire and sensuality will stand out above the crowd. As days go by, you'll have great chances to set the fires of passion alight. And if you're already taken, you'll feel like the star of a fairytale, but you shouldn't let any lurking witches ruin your chances for a happy ending.

If you need to strengthen a relationship by taking its first baby steps, you'll find the right words to express what you feel inside. And finally, if you're single, you should know that the only way to meet someone interesting is for you to make the first move.


You should realize that you've got plenty of professional chances popping up before you along your career path; you need to pay attention to stimuli around you and catch the best deal before someone else takes a bite off of it.

Your disciplined nature will multiply tenfold, especially if you're spearheading a team. You'll know how to handle your nerves and aim for polite conversation.

If you're a business owner, the negotiation deal you expected to close hasn't fully settled in yet. You'll need to be patient, accept there might be delays, and show your best self. And one more piece of advice: you should think before you act and speak to avoid being a slave to your words.


Your most sensitive body part will be your ear.  You may visit your doctor if you feel any sort of discomfort, or if you feel you're kind of off-balance.

Try to fill up this week with light and color. Get the shutters up, let the sunlight fill up every room. And when you get dressed, aim for bubbly, happy clothes too. Did you know that blue is connected to peace and quiet?

There'll also be good news if you've been working to get healthier with a nutrition specialist.

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