Aries Horoscope Weekly 2020

Aries Weekly Horoscope for 16 - 22 November 2020: You'll embrace and adapt to change

Change will be subtle and it'll be easy to embrace it


Aries, your energy will be contagious this week and you'll send it over to your partner and friends. Thus, you won't have too many chances to get bored, and with your partner by your side you'll explore new habits together that will prove quite fun.

Change will be subtle and it'll be easy to embrace it. You won't lose a single bit of sensitivity and the usual charm that comes with your sign. If your partner wants to get your wishes done, you'll both have won at the game of love.

If you're single, you'll be boosting your thirst for love and go out in pursuit of new adventures. Some might want to tie you down in place, but you won't be caught that easily.


When you're at work, that tendency of yours of giving colleagues your best side or even the best ideas your mind has to offer will be a cause for disappointment. You'll be meeting quite ungrateful individuals who look out for no one but themselves.

From now on, you'll only be more generous with those who have earned your trust and proven they're there for the long run, and drier with people who don't show their full intentions.

Never give up on your dreams and intuition; they're the keys to open the doors to your future, as long as you have them on you at all times.

And lastly, even if you think you need to make some crucial purchases, most of them will be little whims that you can put off for later. Don't burn out your credit card. You'll find out sooner or later that some items you initially deemed essential weren't that important for your everyday life.

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Your health will be at a good level, although you might experience some relapse if you've recently overcome an illness.

You'll see that there's no such thing as putting your guard down; you need to take good care of yourself more and more as days go by, especially as you start getting older. You'll also find out that any excess you make today will be paid off tomorrow.

Advertising and fashion could lead you into taking action against your own well-being, perhaps following diets or exercise routines that aren't good for your situation or age, of because you'll buy items that are more harmful than beautiful: uncomfortable shoes, shades that harm your eyesight...