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Your Aries Weekly Horoscope for 16 - 22 May 2022

Aries, living without love makes no sense


Aries, this week you'll experience some confusion. You'll see important changes happening astrologically speaking. This will unquestionably affect your personal energy. In terms of relationships, focus on getting your goals done. If you're looking for love, that'll be your priority. Jump into getting it as if it were the Holy Grail. On the 16th, the moon eclipse and full moon over Scorpio will give you a perfect chance. You'll have electrifying attraction. Don't stray off your main path. Living without love makes no sense.


The Weekly Horoscope holds an auspicious stage. Your business situation shall improve, Aries. Make the most of this beneficial star arrangement. Gather all the help you may need. Change your mindset. You need a new set of beliefs. A successful business won't be so if you get it all by yourself. Create a proper team with the most experienced hands you can get. As Gemini season starts on the 21st, your mental clarity will get a boost. With all your energy aimed at finances, your projects will go far.


Aries, you'll continue to make progress this week. Professionally speaking, your creativity is growing wild and free. Use the expansion vibe from this energy to explore new horizons. Your talent takes up a lot of space. Why not see all the chances you've got? Keep your impulses in check. The Taurus season will help you be a little more cautious. The Stars advise you to avoid sharing every detail from work at the slightest chance. Don't get your ideas stolen. Be careful on the 22nd, as Mercury retrograde enters Taurus. Watch your work carefully, this is a day prone to mistakes.


Aries, make sure you watch out. This week, it's time to put boundaries to recklessness. Enjoy yourself, but don't go too far. Watch out with how much alcohol you're drinking. You're ready to take on the world by yourself. You don't need that sort of stimulation. Drinking too much will hinder your creative processes. You're on a roll at the moment. Is it really worth it to push your talent off the bridge just for a couple more drinks? Push away addiction instead.

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