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Aries Weekly Horoscope for 15 - 21 March 2021: Bring back to life your most personal projects

You want to bring out the best in you


Aries, your romantic environment is offering up  easy and harmonious relationships.  You won't want to argue at all, and instead, you'll prefer to enjoy a series of beautiful days. March is coming to an end and you want to bring out the best in you.

Your mood will be perfect, even if you're the kind of person who's had a grumpy stage. You want to make your partner and the rest of the world happy, you want things to be easier for everyone. Some emotional difficulties will move into the backseat, and you'll try not to lose the smile on your face.

It should be noted that you'll have an irresistible power of seduction, and there'll be plenty of fun and interesting things thanks to it if you're single. However, this is no time to go on a journey led by love, no matter how much you liked a foreigner you met online.

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You're trying to be more responsible at work;  you won't want to deviate off the set path, and that's why many colleagues will perceive you as someone stubborn who tries to push through with what others have given up on. But you'll have a brave spirit inside guiding you, and if you're bold enough, you'll overcome every obstacle on the road.

That same spirit will be perfect when you try to bring back to life your most personal projects and fight alongside them. You'll prove to many that there's almost nothing you can't do in life, and that you can reach goals with a steady attitude.

If you're facing a job interview, be natural and formal. If you want, at the time of your interview, keep a charm or lucky item in your pocket. That object that you consider to be your charm will be loaded up with energy and good luck.


As you can see, you're in for an intense life with not too much time to grab some fresh air. Thinking too much about the week's duties could make some of you overwhelmed as a consequence of stress.

If you go too far, your body will send you signs to stop in place. Don't be surprised if you feel itchy or have skin rashes because you haven't channeled your nervousness properly.

Sport will be a great ally when you're ready to heal your mind. Find a friend to go running along the seashore, or play some basketball. This last activity could help you work on your reflexes!

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