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Aries Weekly Horoscope for 15 - 21 February 2021: Looks aren't always deceiving

You're getting ready to offer all the love you can give


Aries, your heart's patching up old wounds  this week, redoing itself and getting you ready to offer all the love you can give, with no resentment or reproach in sight. You'll know how to mix in your own dreams and concerns with those of your beloved, and you'll both row into a new shared direction where there's not only peace, but passion too.

If you're married, mutual support will be the essential pillar to the relationship. You'll help one another bring a rainbow into your world, on those days when it seems like grey is the all-mighty hue. You'll be the best at non-verbal communication.

And finally, if you're single, on the second half of February there'll be plenty of crushes and intense romance. However, don't pull out all the stops for just anyone whose glance makes you warm and fuzzy inside, because looks are sometimes deceiving (but you should keep in mind that not always).

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Keeping emotions balanced and in control is part of your professional life. You'll be highly critical to yourself, spot your weaknesses and do whatever it takes to keep them relatively hidden away.

As far as some areas go, you could be too naive; try to find snake charmers that could lead you into murky business or investments with more risks than advantages (especially in the arts).

You'll be able to make the most of your contact book and find partners for your emerging endeavours. You won't have to set eyes on a life abroad, because there's plenty of valid individuals around you that will be able to help. All you need to do is find them.


As we cross the halfway point of February, there's extra relaxation coming your way. If you've been trying hard to improve your health or your wellness, you'll start reaping what you've been sowing, and you'll get an extra boost to move on.

You'll spend a few days when nervousness will be past and gone, and it'll be really easy for you to rest and sleep ahead. Nightmares will leave your life for good, because you've managed to rule over your inner demons.

And as far as physical exercise goes, make sure you do sport in natural spaces, whether you're into horseriding, mountain trekking or swimming in the sea.

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