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Aries Weekly Horoscope for 14 - 20 June 2021: Don't let others influence your happiness

You feel like getting to know all kinds of people

❤️ Love

Aries, your mind's more open over this week,  and you feel like getting to know all kinds of people with the initial intention of becoming friends. They would have to work real hard for you to give away your heart to the first person who seems to be minimally interested in you.

Some of you need to sort out recent fights that don't let you progress into a promising future. Don't hesitate to do your very best and peace shall follow, as you'll eventually see.

If you're married, you'll be wise enough to try harder at caring for your relationship. Your sixth sense is telling you there's aggressive individuals looming around you, so you'll be on alert mode. And if you give in to your partner's whims a little, that'll be even better.

If you're single, you'll see the time has come to strengthen your most precious bonds, and to love yourself better. Going back to what we've seen before, you won't let others influence your happiness, because only you belong on that powerful position.

💰 Money

You've got to finish off business transactions that bring more risks and less profits. You need to do things right and be more sensible! If you're slightly clueless in your professional paths, consider talking to a counselor or change the one you've got right now if they can't respond to requests or doubts properly.

You've got to boost your inner confidence. Things are working better than you'd expect them to, so take on any chances around you. Open up your eyes and you'll see that there's more of a market niche than you thought.

Before you sign up any contracts or give your word for a commitment, demand a further, more thorough explanation of what the conditions entail. You shouldn't rush in.

👩‍⚕️ Health

You're in good shape (but not athletic), and that allows you to join in the fun of trying out activities you feel like doing. You'll get interested in the advice you see on social media to stay active at home, in case working from home doesn't let you move around too much out the house.

However, you won't be too lucky in sport competitions; your rivals will feel too intimidating. Don't let fear make you lose great chances.

👍 Tip of the week

There'll be people who, unconsciously or willingly, will try to drag you down into their personal hell

🍀 Lucky numbers

Your lucky numbers for the week of 14-20 June are 6, 8, 21 and 94.

🤝 Compatibilities

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