The Aries sign circled by shooting stars

Aries Weekly Horoscope for 14 - 20 December 2020: Use sensuality to break ties with routine

Your assets will be growing larger over the next few days


Aries, this week will come as a surprise as far as your love life is concerned. In long-term couples there could be a crisis point, partly brought on by the classic family meet-ups of this holiday-bound month.

You should admit you're kind of pessimistic anyway, and when watching a rose, you don't appreciate its beauty or colour, but instead point to its thorns and become concerned with how long it'll live. Thus, you should be very mindful of your actions if you don't want to open a deep wound in your love story.

If you're single, you're sure that you want to be free, so you compare your situation to that of some of your taken friends, and you feel privileged. There might be odd days when your sensuality will take the wheel, so use that as a chance to break ties with routine.

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The stars see your assets growing larger over the next few days. Perhaps this comes from a payment you hadn't received yet, or a holiday bonus from your company you weren't expecting. It'll allow you to pay off some of your debts and look into the future with an optimistic glance.

There's constant spending these days, and you need to be more radical to keep your accounts straight. For instance, cut off that yearly commitment of exchanging gifts with old friends. You're no longer kids, and you could live without that unnecessary expense, don't you think?

If you don't step on the breaks, this could be a very bleak end of December, with a belt where there's no more notches to tighten down. Perhaps your savings are much smaller than you'd imagined, no matter how much you calculate.


It's easy for you to neglect your wellness as a consequence of the many events in your social schedule. It should also be said that you don't want to miss a single one of them.

You need to be more focused on going moderate out of your own health. Give rest its due importance, and forget about eating with your eyes and belly (if you want to avoid weeping about the number you'll see on the scale when January hits).

The nerves that clench into your stomach occasionally will fade bit by bit; you'll channel your energy through fun activities and will come to see part of the potential your mind has got in store.

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