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Your Aries Weekly Horoscope for 13 - 19 June 2022

Aries, passion needs to come back


Aries, the Stars predict you'll be having a party; you couldn't start the week any better emotionally. The 13th will be the perfect day for crucial conversations. If you're just starting to date, you'll say the right words.

The good vibes will be promising, and the final seal to enjoy a special season, both romantic and sexy. If you're taken, passion needs to come back into your world. Give an honest display of affection, and the fire will burn out of control.


The Daily Horoscope encourages you to keep in touch, Aries. Forget about important investments for now, and aim at birthing processes instead; it's time to plant your seeds. From the 13th onwards, Mercury in Gemini will open up a channel, and fluent communication will take the wheel.

That's the perfect time to set up key points for future projects. Find the right partners for powerful collaboration deals. Get in touch with your inner self, and work on knowing it better, to perform important jobs to reveal your true essence.


Aries, your Weekly Prediction foresees an exciting week. This will be a prolific phase of work, and your ideas will flow free. On the 14th, with the full moon over Sagittarius, there will be a creative spiral you shouldn't share with the world.

Your intensity could lead you into losing your temper. You'll be given more than enough room to breathe. When you're in full Van Gogh mode, you would cut a few eartips off here and there.


Aries, your week is aimed at balance. Make up for action and fire, and include female yin elements. Give up on your warlike attitude. You love making out a battle of what's around you. That behavior has consequences. Stress is working its way through, waiting to pounce. You won't want to be a victim to it. In the end, your body will force you into taking a break.


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