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Aries Weekly Horoscope for 12 - 18 April 2021: You'll encounter strong temptations on your path

Carry out something that makes your partner truly happy


Aries, you don't want to disappoint your partner this week. You've promised them to carry out something that makes them truly happy, but the stars will test you today. In order to get your goal done, you'll have to sweat your way through it and be talented at improvisation.

Besides, at the same time, you'll encounter strong temptation nearly behind every single corner. You'll feel attracted to people whom you wouldn't even look at in the first place. If you want to reach ultimate glory, you'll have to be measured; this is no time to let yourself go.

If you're single, you should aim for traditional relationships. Stop aiming for short-lived romance, because you've already got plenty of secrets before adding any more to your romantic notch collection. Give your heart away to another single person and follow the easy and honest walk of life.


This new week is getting started with a project you strongly believe in. Pour out all your emotion and knowledge into it, and it'll lead you into a great destination if you choose to take the wheel. Be disciplined but don't go losing your sense of humour.

Find a chance every day to talk about your company, to make sure everyone around you gets to know the reality of what's behind those walls, and have them know more about what you do. You'll call the attention of a powerful individual who will give you a unique kind of publicity.

You'll soon start to reap what you've sown. If you're out of work, you'll see that it's crucial to be right on time, at the exact moment and the exact place.


You'll need to double the attention you give to sleep. You can't see you've got a bag filled with duties that are far too heavy, and which sometimes make you sleep late and poorly.

Set your mind straight, do some meditation, take away everything that's good in your life, and throw out everything that hurts. In that sense, you'll find deep relaxation by doing water-based sports.

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