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Aries Weekly Horoscope for 11 - 17 January 2021: You'll measure your words carefully

You'll boost your self-love today and will move on from past stories


Aries, it looks like the year just got started, and before you know it it'll go beyond its halfway point. So far you still want to keep up a peaceful mood. You'll repair some of your latest mistakes and you won't hesitate to apologise to your family or partner.

You'll have a special talent at fixing conflict, and you'll measure your words carefully whenever you've got to face a complicated issue to discuss. Besides that, your sixth sense will be boosted and you'll recognise any people who want to hurt you, even if they're smiling on the outside.

And if you're single, you'll boost your self-love today and will move on from past stories that went down into failure. Despite this, you'll keep yourself measured and won't hand away your heart without objectively seeing that the other person is receptive. On the other hand, you're much appreciative of moving freely and not having to explain yourself.

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This is usually a tough month of the year for most people, but after everything you've gone through, it doesn't seem so hard to handle. Your mood and drive won't be at their best,  and some issues connected to money and business will cloud your thoughts.

There's people around you deep in a pinch, but avoid giving advice if there's issues where you haven't been trained or possess no experience; your goodwill could lead others into taking a plunge into an empty void with no safety net on sight.

Your biggest efforts will be aimed at breaking ties with routine; stop spewing drive out your mouth and move onto action.


You're in decent shape (but definitely not perfect),  you won't feel like taking too much of an effort, and you'll be the kings and queens of excuses to avoid hitting the gym or eat what you shouldn't. There won't be room for lowering down your guard!

Your body could send you signs if there's something going the wrong way; in that sense, pay attention to how your hair and nails look.

Remember that it is equally important to do sport and find activities that help you relax; find some time to do what brings you back together with the world, whether it is making music, crafts or meditation, just to name a few.

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