Aries Horoscope Weekly 2020

Aries Weekly Horoscope for 10 - 16 August 2020: You'll enjoy irresistible attraction

You'll become a great listener for anyone who needs it


Aries, you'll try to find success in love  at all costs, even if that might put you up against some of your family or friends; people who, long story short, don't see your relationship as a good thing, because your partner makes them mistrusting right now. Things could get a little more complex if the ones not fitting in with your partner are your kids.

You'll become a great listener for anyone who needs it, analysing details and small gestures, which sometimes tell so much more than a grand soliloquy.

If you're single, Aries, you'll be able to enjoy some interesting attraction, you'll enjoy the game of seduction to the fullest. But be careful with your emotions, you could be putting your heart on the line of fire, and before you even know it, it could be gone.


This new week will be a booster for your professional growth;  you'll prove to people above you that you've got plenty of potential, and if they don't take good care and treat you the right way, you could choose to go to another company.

Change feels like an attractive thing; you think that that's the only way to evolve in life. You're looking back to realise the tough path you've left behind, to see that no one put anything on your lap for you to take.

Watch your foul mood; some of your closest colleagues could be jealous of you and will try to rile you up just because. The biggest form of despise you could show against that kind of people is to completely ignore them and not react to their comments.

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Your mood will be pretty mild; as we've said, you'll do your best to avoid getting mad.  You don't want headaches or sleeplessness to mess with you this week. If you're fighting a mental illness such as anxiety or depression, you'll see great progress.

You'll try a little harder at improving your physical state, especially when it comes to flexibility and elasticity.

You could find great benefits in activities such as pilates or yoga. If you're looking for some extra action, try joining a contact sports class, or sign up for salsa dancing, where you're sure to move that body!