The Aries Weekly Horoscope

Aries Weekly Horoscope for 1 - 7 March 2021: Don't let your shyness take over you

You're becoming more resourceful in your love life


Aries, you're becoming more resourceful  in your love life. You don't want your relationship to miss out on any sugar or spice. You'll create a sense of reinvention inside the set rules of the game, while still cheering things up a bit and getting the flames of passion alight.

It's interesting to see marriage as a game where you pass a ball around to keep the flames of love alive. Break taboos and let sensuality run through your bodies. Have you ever done, for instance, a sexy massage on your partner? Remember to keep scented oils going!

If you're single, you should let yourself go with circumstances. Don't try to follow a set path, and certainly don't let shyness (or past ghosts) take over you.

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There might be some success if you do business with family members,  although there's an unwritten rule about not mixing up money and family when going on a business endeavour.

You'll enjoy some good connections and understanding, and you'll have a talent at actively listening, so that you can understand the fears and concerns of people close to you. Besides, you'll try to keep the numbers straight so that there's no winners or losers.

Some of you will feel offended about job openings that could be seen as dishonest, or belonging to a level that doesn't match the professional profile they keep up and possess.


There's some issues looming over your skies connected to flus, colds and similar kinds of ailments.  Some of you will be in trouble due to the allergies classic to these days. But it won't be anything too serious, so you shouldn't let panic rule the roost even if you see alarming news in mass media.

You should keep up a good ventilation system around the home, because it's an essential practice at keeping it germ-free. In the same way, and as much as you can, forget about using heating systems, and try to find comfort through blankets or comfy, warmer clothes.

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