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Aries Weekly Horoscope for 1 - 7 February 2021: A change of scenery is coming on

You'll bring some fresh air into your heart


Aries, as the new month arrives, there's a change of scenery coming on.  You'll bring some fresh air into your heart, and will place your bet on a solid, well-built beautiful romance. You've grown tired of being a single soul flying from one quick fling to another. Temporary or shallow endeavours might be a good entreé, but the main course should be a little more intense.

Perhaps that person who burst their way into your life not long ago is doing their best to be by your side. Then, it's time to make a move to make them see that it's okay to go forward fearlessly. Did you know that success needs to be boosted?

If you're already married, your relationship to your partner will be based on connections and polite understanding. You'll have to make important shared decisions (buying a new home, children's upbringing...), but you'll manage to get to a nice agreement.

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The stars will be compassionate towards mistakes  you've made at work, minor slips that are still on your tail and making you fail at elementary-level work.

Life has already shown you we need to make the most of every minute we've got on Earth, and that there's no time machine out there that allows you to go back and fix what you ruined. Learn a valuable lesson from it and move on.

If you're facing serious financial issues, forget about the idea of requesting loans. They usually have a high interest rate, and all you'd do is worsen your issues. Find a temporary second job without giving up on your dream.


Your mental strength might fade  due to past memories, similar to those that have been described in the work area. Stop dwelling in your past problems and focus on the here and now, and the days you've got ahead of you this week.

Make all the potential in your mind run smooth, and you'll go from zero to a hundred in just a few minutes' time. Play around as much as you can with the gift of life, and don't waste a single minute in moping around.

Little by little you'll find a solution to your daily issues, and if you're facing an illness you'll get a new treatment that will bring notable relief.

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