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Aries' Personality Traits

100% impetuous energy! Find out what the ram of the zodiac is like... the most impulsive sign.

Impetuous, impulsive and very explosive... although  they are all characteristic features of the Aries astrology personality, we don't think these have negative connotations, but the opposite: They are warm, spontaneous and very funny. We tell you more about this striking fire sign.

Aries traits: 6 peculiarities of this sign

Find out a little more about the ram of the zodiac.

1. Very outgoing

Although most of the characteristics of Aries are quite easy to perceive (due to its open and expansive character), it's true that some are more visible than others.

One of the most observable personality traits of Aries is  their extroversion, something that explodes with real grace when it comes to socializing with anyone easily, even if they have just met them: They will have no qualms when engaging in conversation or breaking the ice among a group of people who aren't too close.

2. Nobility of spirit... although very rude

If there's something you can't doubt about this sign is its noble nature. For those who wonder what Aries is like if they're a good person or not... it's because they really don't know them; of course, their intentions are always the best, because their values are arranged in such a way that they watch over the interests of others over their own.

Although it's also worth bearing in mind that their ways aren't always the most affable, being their treatment sometimes too abrupt for a certain type of people. Sometimes their rude attitude is confused and the depth of their intentions is misinterpreted, that is why we shouldn't forget their good will.

3. Passionate

Could anyone imagine the opposite, being one of the signs of fire and, of these, the most primary of them? They're more than passionate, perhaps being one of the main Aries traits, and in addition, the one that transcends in their personality, beyond the field of intimate relationships.

Because, what is Aries but a passionate and impetuous person? And that is something that is perceived when you start treating with them, as a friend or as a colleague, because they have that natural ability to convey enthusiasm and momentum in relation to those issues that connect with themselves.

4. Overwhelming sincerity

As far as truths are concerned, when Aries says it... they do it in a big way. Their sincerity is like a bomb about to explode at any moment. Actually, in a matter of frankness, they're unique; they have such "absence of filters" that indicates whether or not it's convenient to make some type of comments or statements that  can cause situations as unexpected as uncomfortable or fun ones.

You can be sure of one thing: They will never lie to you. They aren't prepared for it, although they'd like to know how to do it sometimes.

5. Egocentric

The world seems to revolve around them since they don't conceive of looking at it if it isn't from their own position: Believing themselves to be the centre of all matters, both those who have a relationship with themselves and those who have very little to do with them.

This attitude so typical of the personality of Aries can't only mark their behaviour, which will tend to prioritize their decisions according to their own benefit  (although they aren't aware that it's like that), but it can also alter their perception in general of the things, marking a subjectivity that moves their mentality away from the reality.

6. Explosive character

If you have ever argued with one of them, you will know what Aries is like in this aspect. There is a moment in all conversation with them that things can go from smooth to stepping on a mine that will explode instantly. All their energy comes out explosively to defend their position, as if their life depended on it, even if it isn't a very transcendental topic.

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