Aries Horoscope November

Aries Monthly Horoscope for November 2020: Fight for the goals you've set for yourself

You'll be quite the inquisitive sign and you'll ask around a lot

Love: Mistrust rumours and gossip

Aries, your love life could stumble right from the beginning of the month. You'll consider incoming rumours and gossip to be highly important, and you'll poison yourself in lies. You won't be able to differentiate reality from fantasy.

You'll be quite the inquisitive sign and you'll ask around a lot to know what's the truth in whatever information you get, and if someone's trying to hurt you, you'll try to get your hands on them.

Think through every step you consider taking, whether it is to strengthen a bond, finish a story once and for all, or even to set new rules in your relationship. If you play with fire, you can get burned.

And if you're single, you'll start getting your hopes up with a far-off story. Perhaps a brief ex that's suddenly interesting again, or a remote friend that's been stepping out of the supporting actor role and taking the lead role into your heart.

Money: Improve your focus

It'll be hard for you to find a business path. You can see that the year has just flown by before your eyes, and you aren't aware of how much time you've wasted looking into nothing. But don't worry, you can still fulfill some of the goals you set for yourself when the year started.

It is true that your mind will be off-track this month, so you'll have to find exercises of any kind that improve your focus.

You'll be pretty much a hard-working ant as far as finances go; you'll find new ways to save, and you might even become excessively greedy. You'd rather have a full stash under the bed than enjoying the here and now.

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Health: You're becoming a bit sullen

Your mood won't be too strong. It'll falter due to family circumstances that are hard to deal with. Sometimes you're wondering whether you're doing all you can to keep up your loved ones' wellbeing, or if there's still tricks up your sleeves.

You'll become one of the most sullen signs in the zodiac wheel, but that doesn't mean it's bad. Taking walks alone under the final rays of sun in the day could load you up with the best kind of energy.

As far as your diet's concerned, try to include more vitamin C-rich foods. You'll find it in oranges, tangerines, grapefruits or strawberries, just to name a few.