Aries March on a sky background with shooting stars

Aries Monthly Horoscope for March 2021: You'll be equally wise and cautious

Remember that you can't sink under the pressure

Love: A month shrouded in melancholy

Aries, the third month of the year will be filled with melancholic days in love.  You're missing something but can't pinpoint exactly what. There's something little in your life that's not fully polished, and making you lose focus as a consequence.

At some point you might feel like your partner's not mentally around, and not concerning about your needs, ignoring your heart's desires. You'll remember other times in your life when you were truly happy, and disenchantment will start peeking into your life.

Make sure to remember that you can't sink under the pressure. Find new ways to restore your hope, and stop thinking that you won't be as happy as you used to. Ask a couples' therapist for help if you deem it necessary.

If you're single, you'll feel tempted to go crazy or even go out on a date with your ex, trying to find a feeling that's not fully blossoming. What went wrong between the two of you hasn't changed, no matter how much you try to convince yourself otherwise.

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Money: Boost up your professional value

You'll know how to turn down certain projects that won't help your professional history or career, even if you feel really ready to take over them and make them happen because they'd entail quick income afterwards. This is no time to bury your professional value into the ground.

You'll be one of the most cautious and wisest signs, and you'll take as long as you need to reach new heights of success.

You'll also find you're giving better advice than what you used to receive in the past. People close around you love you and appreciate you dearly.

Health: Get your head in the hygiene game

You should be extremely careful with your hygiene. Sometimes you do things so automatically in your rituals, that you completely overlook certain important details. For instance, when you brush your teeth, you need to fight enamel plaque. And don't forget to wash your hands well and often, as we've been reminded time after time over the whole of 2020.

The energy tone will be pretty irregular, with days when you'll feel like climbing on top of the Everest, and others when you wouldn't change a thing just to stay home curled up under a blanket watching movies and shows.

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